Farm to table, truly organic Angus beef

100% Grass fed, grass finished

Pure Angus beef

Pharmaceutical free

Chemical free

Regeneratively Raised

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  • About & Ordering

    • What is Dandaraga Springs?


      We are the farmers! Our beef is direct from our farm in Crookwell NSW to your door.

      We are not the butcher or the man in the middle that sources their livestock from any farmer in the hope that they are in fact grass fed, grass finished, antibiotic and pharmaceutical free animals.

      We have an open gate policy, if you want to see where your beef comes from contact us via email and we would love to show you how our animals are raised and nurtured.

    • What Do i get in the box?


      You will receive the items in the preselected box you have selected, and any extra items you select.

    • How Do I order a box?


      On the website you can choose from our preselected boxes, you can also select additional items to add to your pack at this stage and press checkout.

      Review your order to ensure you have everything you want.

      Confirm your personal details along with clear delivery instructions (especially if you live in an apartment).

      Enter your payment details and you will receive an order confirmation email.

      We will be in touch to let you know the expected delivery date.

    • Are my personal details secure?


      Yes, It is extremely important to us to keep your information safe and secure.

      You can find more information in our privacy policy here.

  • Products and Ingredients

    • Some of my products have an odour or the colour of the meat isn’t bright, why?


      All our meat is Cryovaced which means you may also notice a slight odour as soon as you open the bag, this is normal for vacuum sealed beef and will disappear very soon after.

      Sometimes some of the leaner cuts can discolour, this is because the leaner cuts are responsible for carrying oxygen (Myoglobin - a protein in the meat that holds the oxygen in that muscle), once deprived (due to cryovacking) it starts to lose its colouring. All you need to do is set the beef on a plate in the fridge and the colour will return after it has been exposed to oxygen.

      The amount of myoglobin in an animals muscle determines the colour of the meat.

    • Is your meat Halal?


      All of our beef and lamb is slaughtered halal by certified personal at the abattoir.

    • Are your products gluten and preservative free?


      All our products are Gluten Free.

      When selecting your pack you can choose what type of sausages you would like included.

      Preservative Free: Rice Cerial, Salt, Mineral Salt, Spices, Spice extract (160c), Natural Lamb Casing

      Premium Sausages: Rice flour, Salt, Dried Vegetable, Preservative 223 (1%), Spice Extracts, Canola Oil, Flavour Enhancer, Natural Lamb Casing

      Paleo Sausages: Onion Powder, Paprika, Salt, Pepper

      Paleo Burger Patties: 100% Beef Mince, Sea Salt, Organic Onion Powder, Spice Extracts, organic Black Pepper.

    • Are your products organic?


      We produce grass fed, grass finished beef without the use of chemicals, vaccines, hormones, antibiotic and GMO’s or any other pharmaceutical inputs like drenching for worms or lice. 

      Our pastures have not been chemically fertilised for over 15 years which allows life in our soil to thrive and allows for diversity in our pastures.

      We use a holistic approach when it comes to animal health by the way we manage them and provide mineral supplementation to keep them healthy.

      We go above and beyond the organic principles that need to be met in order to be certified organic.

      We have an open gate policy, if you want to see where your beef comes from contact us via email and we would love to show you how our animals are raised and nurtured.

    • How long will the meat last fresh in my fridge?


      Some of our cryovaced products will last up to 28 days, please see the best before date on your meat label.

    • How long will the meat last frozen in my freezer?


      The cuts will be fine for up to a year in your freezer. Our meat is Cryovaced which will also avoid any freezer burn to your meat.

    • Can I add extra items to my box?


      Yes, you will have the option to add “extra products” after you have selected one of our beef boxes.

      We aren’t a butcher shop! We feel it’s important to honour the life of the animal by eating nose to tail, which means we use the whole animal to ensure nothing goes to waste.

  • Deliveries

    • Where do you deliver?


      We deliver to NSW, Queensland, Victoria, ACT, South Australia and Western Australia. You can check using our suburb/postcode search tool.

    • When do you deliver?


      We deliver fortnightly, however this may differ for some calendar events.

    • I haven’t received my box, what should I do?


      You will receive an SMS informing you of your delivery including the tracking link for your order the night before your delivery.

      If you have not received an SMS this means that delivery has not yet been scheduled or we do not have the correct mobile number.

      If you have received an SMS and no delivery has been made please email us.

    • What if I’m not home to accept the delivery?


      We understand that life is busy and most people are not home to accept their delivery.

      Upon checkout you will have the option to leave delivery instructions so our driver can leave your box in a safe place. Please be clear in your instructions and try to pick the coolest location for your box to be left.

      Our beef pack is delivered to you in a sealed recyclable cardboard box which is lined with a thermal liner and an ice pack designed to keep your food cool for 2-4 hours.

    • Will I get an SMS, call or email upon delivery?


      You will receive an SMS the night before your delivery.

      You will also receive an SMS once delivery has been completed.

    • I have received my delivery, but it seems like there is something missing


      Please email us as soon as you can so we can have it sorted out for you.

      Please make sure that you have checked the entire contents of your box, our primal cuts are cryovaced in portions of 1 or 2, depending on the box purchased..

      Please note, We are not a butchery and strive to eat nose to tail, leaving nothing to go to waste; as such some cuts may be substituted with equivalent cuts on the rare occasion the product/s you purchased are unavailable.

    • Delivering to apartments


      If you require delivery to an apartment please ensure you know what procedures are in place for deliveries, you can speak to your building manager.

      Upon checkout please leave clear instructions on what unit number to buzz or if you require it to be left at a different unit number or a mail room if you are not home to receive your order.

    • How much does delivery cost?


      Delivery is FREE for any purchase above $199 to any area we service, any purchase below $199 will incur a $20 delivery fee.

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It's Daniel and Dora here,

We founded Dandaraga Springs because we were seeking a healthier and cleaner option for our family and fellow Aussies. Our farming approach is more than just traditional organic methods—it's about prioritizing animal welfare and implementing sustainable practices that replicate nature, even on a larger commercial farming scale.

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